Simply Baths doesn’t just perform the very best resurfacing on bathrooms – our service is extended to kitchens as well! We can return your kitchen cabinets and kitchen bench tops to as-new condition using tasteful faux-granite finishes.

Of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen is the most complex, and requires more effort and expenditure than any other room in a house. No longer – Simply Baths can refresh your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of performing a full renovation, in only days. Rather than going to the trouble of replacing every item in your kitchen, stick with what works, while freshening up the appearance. Surfaces can be cleaned, repaired, prepared and sprayed in a gloss or satin finish in any color you desire.

Resurfacing your kitchen makes ongoing maintenance easier to perform, with shiny new surfaces making it a cinch to remove the grease and grime which naturally builds up in any kitchen.

Resurfacing your kitchen is the fastest, most affordable way to making your house feel brand-new again!