Resurface your bath, bath tub, shower, tiles, bathroom and kitchen –┬áSave Time, Save Money. No Worries!

Don’t spend thousands of dollars and days or even weeks without a bathroom when, for a fraction of the cost, you can restore your existing fittings to look like new. There’s no need to tear your bath out of the wall, or interrupt your normal schedule. No plumbers, plasterers or others to invite into your home and make more mess!


Not everyone has heard about re-surfacing and re-enamelling before, but what actually happens, and how does Simply Baths leave you with a surface and finish which is even better than new?

Firstly, your bathroom fixtures are thoroughly cleaned and prepared, ensuring a surface which allows the enamel to cure

After initial preparation we protect any surrounding surfaces by masking these areas off.

Once the surface is prepared and protected, we begin the actual resurfacing process. Resurfacing involves  chemically welding a cold-cure enamel to your old fixture.

The new enamel is sprayed on using four coats leaving it sparkling new.

We then ensure we clean up after our selves! Removing masking and any rubbish from the preparation process, we do not leave you to do these jobs.

Finally we silicone seal where necessary and leave your bathroom ready to use after the enamel has cured which takes around four hours.